Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Landfill Intrigue

"...Hey Moe, I knew we shoulda brought the hazmat suits... way I'm crawlin around in there... ...yeah, I hear ya... we gonna test this stuff? there's miles of it... ...I dunno I say we call the office and get them working on it... ...they should be able to work around it with an algorithm..."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mine & Metals

"...three generations of Payntons had already spent their lives in those mines... ...Rob made up his mind... ...he wasn't going to be the fourth... ...that was long before he and Jenn met at grad school... what crazy randomness had brought him back to this town... these machines and piles of rock...?"

-Offroad Artist

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt Painting

Look at the Bright Side:
Toxic Waste Spews a New Artwork!

Earlier this week, a holding pond at the Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt aluminum plant in Hungary burst, flooding three villages with toxic sludge and threatening to contaminate the Danube River... ...the sludge poured out at the aluminum plant's toxic pond, owned by MAL Zrt, after days of heavy rain... ...after just the first day of the disaster, over a million cubic meters of the toxic sludge had escaped.... ...Greenpeace stated this was one of the worst disasters in Europe in the past 30 years and Hungary declared a state of emergency in three counties.

The highly alkaline sludge is a byproduct of the aluminum industry. The red colour is caused by iron content, one of a multitude of elements in this chemical soup.

Co2 Art partner Tatiana Iliina has created an abstract painting to acknowledge this tragic event.  It is possible to purchase this painting on Tatiana Iliina's online store.